Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions of Trade

Conditions shall apply to all trading between Labridge, whose registered office is at 2 Hanger Green, London, United Kingdom W5 3EL, and the dentist or laboratory or any other customer (‘client’) with regards to custom made dental appliances (‘dental appliance’, ‘work’, ‘product’) from Labridge. The Patient is not considered a party to the agreement between client and Labridge.


The dental products created at Labridge carry a full guarantee. This guarantee is your assurance that high quality materials have been used during the manufacturing process and that our carefully designed production process has been followed. Please see below our guarantee scheme:

  • Dentures                                                   – 1 Year Guarantee
  • Immediate Extraction Dentures          – 3 Month Guarantee (At our Discretion)
  • Denture Repairs/additions                   – No Guarantee
  • Crowns and Bridges                               – 1 Year Guarantee
  • Veneers                                                    – 6 Months Guarantee
  • Re-etching Sandblasting                        – No Guarantee

If within the guarantee period the product proves defective in circumstances of normal use, a replacement will be provided free of charge by Labridge. This guarantee is only applicable after return of the device for fault diagnosis on the original model. The guarantee does not cover any defect arising from incorrect prescription or fitting. The guarantee becomes null and void if patient does not receive their annual dental check-up or in case of restoration failure due to oral health problems. No guarantee can be given on Denture Repairs/additions or sandblasting crowns/veneers/bridges. Dentures replacing immediate extractions may not be covered, it is at our discretion on a case by case evaluation. Damage caused by physical trauma or impact (e.g high risk sports) is specifically excluded from our product guarantees. We reserve the right to refuse a guarantee where we believe that the requested product may not last the guarantee period due to its particular circumstances. If instructed to continue with these cases, we will do so. However, in the event that the requested work fails, we will expect to be paid in full for the work supplied.


Appliances are constructed to the specification supplied by client. By fitting an appliance in the patient’s mouth, client accepts that Labridge has produced the appliance to the specification and satisfaction of client. Labridge cannot guarantee any dental appliance, which is based on a faulty model. If, when casting the models, Labridge feels that the quality of the impression is not good enough to continue the work,Labridge will inform client to discuss possible solutions. A new impression may be needed and if so remakes as a result of carrying on with the work by client, using the Defective impression, will result in new charges being applied .Labridge endeavors to interpret and follow client’s instructions correctly. If, however, a mistake is made, Labridge will rectify the situation free of charge as quickly as production processes allow. Labridge will not compensate dentist’s fees, consequential losses or expenses of any kind. Client is responsible for any additional costs or charges incurred through changing instructions or delivery dates after the work has been accepted by Labridge.
Labridge is not liable for any choking hazard caused by any manufactured dental appliance, due to faulty prescription, poor fitting or misuse.

Returns and remake policy

Dental appliances should be returned within 15 working days after the invoicing date. Client allows Labridge 15 working days after receipt of the returned dental appliance, to remake the work. If – after remake – the quality of the work still does not meet the guaranteed standard, the work may be returned within 15 working days after the invoicing date for a refund which will be processed upon receipt of the returned work.
Any work returned for remake where the shade is different to the original order, will incur (some) cost. This extra cost will never exceed the total amount charged for the original order. When returning work containing precious or semi-precious alloys, Labridge will charge for 50 % of the original alloy cost incurred. (Please note that this is excluding the cost incurred due to loss of product during the manufacturing process.)
A dental appliance that fits the master model poured from the original impression supplied by client and which is created to the specifications on the prescription of client, but subsequently has to be remade, is not considered a remake.

Defective Impression

If the Client Agrees to want production to go ahead after a (verbal) notification of a poor quality impression the full price of the product is always due even if the product did not fit the patient. Any remakes for such case will be charged in full and no guarantee can be given on this product. Labridge has the right to charge £25 for all impressions that have not been decontaminated in surgery and/or blood is present on the impression.