Established as Dental Laboratory in London in 2007, Labridge provides a range of dental procedures and services. Our highly qualified and dedicated team will provide you with an unparalleled customer service and will be using only the best and newest technology in the industry, to achieve exceptional results.

 With a wealth of experience and quality products manufactured to the highest standards for both Private and NHS Dentists, we aim to offer an exceptional service every time. Please take a look at our services below:

 High Quality Cosmetic Restoration

Our dedicated team of experts offer a great variety of cosmetic dentistry services. Our services will enhance the appearances of smiles across the UK. Our cosmetic restoration services including tooth-colouring fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures.

 Crowns and Bridges

Using cutting edge technology combined with the best materials in the industry we perform first class crowns and bridges.  We only offer the best ceramic, porcelain, metal and resin crowns and bridges to provide a fantastic, completely natural and durable result. Please find our dental crowns and bridges offerings below:         

·         All ceramic dental crowns and bridges

·         Resin dental crowns and bridges

·         Porcelain fused metal crowns and bridges

·         Full metal crowns


Using cutting edge technology combined with the best materials in the industry we perform first class implants to our clients. Each implant is precision matched to the individual client to ensure that it fits perfectly.  Our implants are perfect for soft tissue contours and to help clients maintain their good oral health.   Please find our implant offerings below:

·         PFM Implants

·         Custom Implant Abutment

·         Stock Abutment Preparation

·         Clear Surgical Stent

·         Verification Jig

·         Analog

·         Soft Tissue Model

 Chrome Dentures

Our Dentures are comfortable, durable and made from natural dental products.  Our chrome dentures are customised to precisely match the shade and translucency of natural teeth.  Furthermore, our moulds can withstand years of use maintaining their comfort across the years. 

 Guards and Bleaching Trays

We create custom made bleaching trays which are moulded to hug the contours of teeth precisely. Extremely thin and are virtually unnoticeable, our guards and bleaching trays allow clients to continue with their day to day activities.  

 Dental Prosthetic

A dental prosthetic is a synthetic dental prosthetic that is intended to fill a gap left by a previously extracted or otherwise removed natural tooth.  Our dental prosthetics are intended to appear and function just as a natural tooth would.  Benefits of our dental prosthetics include their realistic look, feel and appearance, as well as their convenience when compared to traditional dentures.

Cad Cam Design and Digital Services

90% of dentists are still using traditional methods to create and impression.  They are using unpleasant impression materials and trays which often cause patients to gag.  We think that it is high time and end was put to this intrusive method of creation.  The digital age is upon us and cutting-edge technology can reduce these unpleasant experiences no end.  Using Cad Cam Design and Digital Services we are able to receive and process scans from all major intraoral scanners.  We process digital orders for a wide range of treatments, including, restorations, removal prosthodontics and implants.