About Us

Labridge was established in 2007 as Dental Laboratory in London. Having incorporated a highly qualified dedicated team, Labridge has always strived to prove the highest quality, unparalleled customer service and take up the best and newest technology in the industry, to achieve exceptional results.  All of our staff has a background of many years within the dental sector. We thoroughly pride ourselves with the team we have as they carry between them a wealth of experience, providing quality products manufactured to the highest standards for both Private and NHS Dentists, offering exceptional service and reliability.

Here in Labridge we respect the full notions of quality and the delivery time, which is why we undertake measures to ensure that each client receives the services required within an appropriate amount of time and respectively they also receive the highest quality products and services they could expect.

 Labridge use the latest and most advanced dental tools in order to provide the highest quality and accuracy in all jobs. Our modern environment gives our dentists more confidence in their skills and aptitudes and encourages them to make a patient’s smile shine bright and beautiful. Our team at Labridge share the passion and pride in the work we produce and make a mission out of rebuilding a patient’s smile, bite and confidence back.

 We have steadily built our business, with both new clients that use our services, and through mutual loyalty between us and our existing clients. Our reputation has been hard-earned through our clients, our drive for excellence and our dedicated team of professionals. Therefore, it has steadily grown over time and we have become a well-established name within the field.

 Labridge is fully invested in offering only high-quality service and products, which is why we are also highly investing in technology which will help both our clients and patients in recovering or mending their dental structures. Our entire team of dental technicians are highly experienced and are fully qualified, some of them being with us from the very beginning which proves their passion, loyalty and also highlights Labridge as a supportive environment as a workplace, where the can be fun, but also a common desire to do the best for the people we wish to help. And through using a combination of art design and advance technique us and our team believes we can become one of the best names in the industry.

 Vision: We believe that through providing the highest quality and the best combination of experience, knowledge and embracement of new and revolutionary technology we will be able to support our clients.

 Mission: We aim to support our clients to be able to provide the best products and services to their patients. Our goal is to do so by offering our dedicated knowledge and experiences, which help us offer competitive advantages and differentiation through our expert and advanced equipment.